• 11 Dec 2023
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    What is OpenTAS?

    OpenTAS is an Implico product, a solution developed primarily for the oil and gas industry, which traditionally deals with storage, transport and accounting of large quantities of liquid fuel, gas, and other refinery products. OpenTAS has also been extended to equally serve a larger customer base, for example the food and chemical industries, both of which share the need for managing liquids and gases with the oil and gas industry.

    OpenTAS is a building kit like designed system that helps companies to  manage their processes of incoming and outgoing goods such as stock management, stock reconciliation, exchange, contract, and quota management. This includes smart communication between OpenTAS and the connected software and hardware systems, such as SAP applications, field peripherals, third-party systems, or input terminals (located in the tank terminal or refinery). The open interface of OpenTAS guarantees that industry solutions can be customized to any client’s needs quickly and efficiently.

    The OpenTAS software has a modular structure. The different modules represent various functionalities and cover clearly defined operational areas. Each module consists of several components. For example, the tank truck movements module contains the function for manual dispatch operations. Additional modules and components allow semi-automatic and, at the highest level, fully automatic tank truck loading and dispatch.

    The functions of OpenTAS are highly parameterized and can be adapted to the most different customer needs and requirements. The parameters contain information about the level of automation, and they control various processes and user functions.

    The core operational module is the OpenTAS basic system, which incorporates the master data required by the system. It also covers all stock movement, reconciliation and accounting processes and provides the internal and fiscal reporting functions.

    OpenTAS reporting is both comprehensive and flexible, providing summaries about stock levels and movements by type, tank, terminal, depositor, or transport method for any user-defined period.

    Optional operational modules cover the specific requirements of tank trucks, ships, railcar movements and pipeline movements, e.g.: lot management, holding the necessary additional data elements and providing specific facilities for movements by these means of transport.

    OpenTAS offers additional modules for the administration of service contracts and invoice management, plant asset management, exchange partner and contract management at terminal and company level, as well as data transfer, which provides automatically generated and transmitted reports on movements and quota levels to partners and customers.

    OpenTAS can be enhanced with Add-Ons from the Implico Supply Chain United.

    Overview of the OpenTAS User Interface

    Elements of the OpenTAS client


    Profiles and Menu

    Different employees have different profiles. This means that you only have access to program windows which are relevant to you. The menu is therefore dependent on the selected profile, and it is adapted accordingly, so that only the required windows are available.

    Print a Report

    You can output a report to view or analyze information from the database. A corresponding report can be called up from any program window. If a printer has been set up for the OpenTAS system, you can print these reports very easily.


    F1 Help

    Help is available for each OpenTAS program window, dialog box, and for the OpenTAS main program window. Press F1 to display the context-sensitive help.


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